pfsense 2 under VMware server 2( was Work on progress : running pfsense 2.0 (based on freebsd 8.1) under xenserver 5)

Few months ago, I had zero success with pfsense 2.0 under xenserver. This project is pretty important, since pfsense 2.0 offers a lot of improvement.

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Update March 2011:

A lot of thing has changed. Xenserver has finally given its place for VMware server 2. One of the reason is the later ability to host pfsense 2 guest.

So far with RC version, everything is running pretty nice. I love the traffic shape – limiter feature, useful to limit client connection with multiple combination, source/destination/total bucket based rules. Thanks pfsense, and VMware.

Room for improvement/ more homework:
1. Managing optimal guest bootup delay at startup.
2. Tweaking network performance.

Stay tuned.