New Snapshot Update for Pfsense 1.2

Yuhuuuuu, finally, a new Snapshot update for Pfsense 1.2.1

Although it’s not final yet, some pfSense’s forum users claimed it is quite stable to be applied to production pfSense.

Version 1.3 is still undergoing major make over, so this snapshot update is the only available choice to give a new blood to pfsense.

From the wiki Known Issues in 1.2.1 Snapshots :

Load balancer was initially broken – problem with fping pfPort, fixed July 7. 
DHCP Server broken – devfs changed in 7.0, fixed as of July 9. 
VLAN problems – Appear to be resolved as of July 11. 
dhclient not using assigned DNS servers? – can’t replicate
PPTP server – apparently had issues, now working. 
Wireless has issues – apparently getting bitten by FreeBSD changes. see forum
DHCP clients don’t get DNS server assigned when forwarder is disabled and General page left blank – I think this is “by design”, and how it works in 1.2, but it needs to be verified that the two display the same behavior. 
Upgrades appear to not function with the 6.3-based 1.2 release
Various package issues
IPsec issues – new setkey causing problems with IPsec status page, other issues resolved


* Verify all packages
* VLAN issues
* ICMP issue – if the load balancer is pinging the same thing as the RRD quality graphs (which is the norm, as both typically use WAN gateway IPs), the load balancer will flap WAN connections. 
* grub problem – “The file /mntboot/grub/stage1 not read correctly”


I’ve came across this post in pfsense forum, regarding WAN flapping UP/DOWN in MultiWAN mode. The problem has been discovered, it’s the FreeBSD 7.0 issue:

When running simultaneous ping processes from the host to the same target on a FreeBSD host where 2 different processes ping the same host, one process will see the echo replies from the other process and fail.

We came to see this on pfSense 1.2.1 which is based on FreeBSD 7.0p4 and is using fping to monitor the gateways.

People in our forum started complaining that gateways were invalidly marked as down. More investigation from the users led to the discovery that out of sequence replies were causing fping to fail.

 It’s very sad news, so, in the mean time, my dear pfSense at Tekim, you will have to wait a little longer


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