Integrating Flickr + Joomla 1.5 + MetaWeblogAPI

This post will show you how to post to your Joomla 1.5 sites within Flickr, by utilizing MetaweblogAPI for Joomla

  1. Login to, if you’re already have YahooID, then use it. Then, at your Home page, click “Do you have a blog” link

2. There will be a description page about this feature, then we click “set up your blog”

3. You will be taken to Your Account / Blog Page, then you click “Set Up Your Blog”

4. We had to answer about what kind of weblog we had. Since we’re gonna use Joomla + Metaweblog, then choose “MetWeblog API Enabled Blog”

5. Then you must fill in some login details for your Joomla Site. Notice the syntax :
http://joomlasite.domain/xmlrpc/index.php”. Don’t forget to fill in Username & Password (for your joomla site). Click Next.

6. Next, Flickr will try to connect to your website. When it succeeded, you’ll notice the name of the Label & Weblog will match the name of your Joomlasite title

7. Flickr will display a message state that the blog has been added to flickr. Optionally, you could click “create a custom posting template now”

8. Choose templates which suit your purpose.

9. You’ll see the template preview, if you’re satisfied, then Click “Use This”

10. Then you’ll be redirected to Blog List page. You can make change settings, add another blogs, or test posting. We’ll try the later. Click on “Test Post”

11. Go to you joomla site, and if everything works correctly, you will see this kind of post on your website:

Congratulation, you’re done!

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  1. Pengen nyobak, tapi gada waktu. hihi.. waktunya abis buat ngaplod foto2nya.. ^_^

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