Uploading your picture to picasaweb

Today, I’m going to record my steps in uploading image to picasaweb using Google Picasa3. Make sure you have a google account too.

1. Download Picasa3. The direct link is here


2. Assuming everybody is having no problem in installing Picasa 3, then let’s move on to the next step. Running the application:

3. Notice, there is a link on the top-left of the screen, click it:

4. There will be new window open, a picasaweb login page. Use your Google/Gmail login, or if you dont’t have it yet, just click Sign up

5. When you choose Sign up for Web Albums, Picasa3 will bring up your default browser and take you to registration screen:

6. Assuming we are done with google account setting, you will notice something different in the top-left of Picasa3:

7. Now, everytime you want to upload something, simply choose the image(s), then right click, choose “Upload to Web Albums”:

8. A new window will pop-up, show you list of albums and file size you can choose, and storage space remain :

9. Don’t forget, click Upload when you are happy with your setting. Have fun!

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