How to post to your Joomla with Scribefire 3.0.1

This post is made with the help of Firefox & Scribefire 3.0.1

I’m still having problem uploading image
UPDATE 26-09-2008 Problem solved, browser problem

1. Go to Joomlacode to get the plugin, then save the ZIP file.

2. Enough said, then install the plugin using the joomla installer.

3. Go to Plugin Manager, make sure you DISABLE any other xmlrpc plugin, and ENABLE only XML-RPC-metaWeblog API

4. Here is my setting

5. Go to Scribefire website, and download the Add-on, after a browser restart, a wizard will pop-up

6. Scribefire will complain it having problem auto-detecting setting, no worry, just click “Configure Manually“:

7. Then, select  “Metaweblog API” from the drop down, please make sure the API URL is using this syntax:


Click, next, and if everything is set up properly, we’re done!


One Response

  1. Hi there,

    This is Eliana from the ScribeFire team. We wanted to thank you for your feedback helping others get their images set up with Joomla via ScribeFire. We will even use this information to help future publishers with the same issue!

    Thanks again!

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